Special Edition Cars: SPORTS EDITION

Crazy CarToon Special Edition Cars. SPORTS EDITION

Crazy CarToons will soon have a new section on the website. In this section, called Special Editions, you can find recommended car configurations with images of the edition and a description of the pieces used so that, when you play Crazy CarToon, you can build your own car of the special edition that you like.

Crazy CarToon Web

Here I leave some image of Sports Edition Cars:

One more time I leave here some links to download the game:

Direct Download Crazy Cartoon 0.8.1 for win.
Direct Download Crazy Cartoon 0.8.1 for mac.

Crazy CarToon Crazy CarToon Crazy CarToon Crazy CarToon

Crazy CarToon Crazy CarToon


Crazy CarToon Beta Mac


Crazy CarToon Beta 0.8.1


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